Each manuscript is unique and should be treated as such, which is why we don’t advertise our rates on the online shop. However, at times you may need a quick review or another critique without indulging on another editor at a high price (I mean, we are all finding ways to save, right?).

These packages will not only help your manuscript out, but keep that hard earned money in your pockets (or bank accounts!).

The Copy Quickie

Exactly as it sounds, a quick review of your manuscript before you send it off to that publisher you queried, or before self-publication. No matter your need, The Quickie Copy package reviews spelling, grammar, and stylistic errors; format consistency; word usage; and a critique of the entire story.


Book Blurbing Blubs

Need a book blurb? Don't you worry because we have the blurbs covered. With the Book Blurbing Blurbs Package, you'll receive an author bio and a book synopsis for both the paperback and hardcover inside jacket space (a short and long form blurb).


The Beginning Story

Have a story that has been bubbling around in your head, but just can’t seem to know where to start? Did those characters seem to drift away into an abyss and can’t get them back in the story? Are you staring at paragraphs and don’t know how to connect them? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We’ve been there, staring at the pages as the words seemed to have collapsed within themselves. In a one-hour Skype call, you’ll get a custom-fit plan for your manuscript, identify where the improvements lie, how to start your story, and more. The Skype call has endless possibilities as it’s tailored to your needs and your manuscript needs.


The Academic’s

Are you a graduate student working on a dissertation, or finalizing that manuscript? The Academic's Package will help finalize your paper so that you can submit in confidence. At a special discount rate for students, we will review your paper for spelling, grammar, and stylistic errors; word usage; flow/organization of total paper; and guided critique.