What is a copyeditor? A copyeditor checks for spelling and grammatical errors/inconsistencies, but checks the stylistics of sentences and the formatting of tables, graphs, and lists, and more. Also, Emily will create a professional style guide the writer/researcher can have if they choose to have future editing done.


Need another pair of eyes for typos? Proofreaders check the text for misspelled words and the misuse of words. As a professional proofreader, Emily has created and continues to develop her proofreading style guide to ensure consistency with commonly misspelled and misuse of words.


Don’t have time to confirm those links or sources? That’s okay. As a professional researcher, confirming links, references, and scholarly sources is a task you can check off of your to-do list. Emily uses plug-ins built into Microsoft’s Word and other programs (including the good ‘ole search) to confirm each entry is correct and working.

Manuscript Development

Is your novel falling flat with action and suspense, or need constructive honesty to guide you on the right path? No problem. Emily aides writers with their manuscripts to help develop characters, plot, dialogue, and much more.

Technical Writer

Looking to write a manual or a guide, but don’t know how? Look no further. The Editorian has you covered creating and formatting technical manuals and guides, SOPs, quick cheat sheets (business-related), and more.