Why is the verb to be important in the English language and what is its purpose?


Why do we call a barista a barista? Where did the word come from and how we adopted it into the American English?

When we learn how to count before we hit kindergarten, we count on our fingers and in groups of tens. We have five fingers on each hand, so it just makes sense that, as human beings, we count like this. If someone had three fingers, then perhaps they would count in groups of six.

Before we jump into adverb phrases and clauses, let’s define what phrases and clauses are. A phrase is a bunch of words without a conjugated verb. A clause is the same thing, but with a conjugated verb. So, what’s a conjugated verb? It shows three things: tense, person, and number.

As the posts on The Editorian focus on word etymology and grammar in the English language, we delve periodically into celebrations that have become engrained into our culture. As the new year is here (ahem, first post of the year), at The Editorian we wonder why our culture celebrate the new year. Where did originate from?