Expletive Deleted.



In the 1970s, President Nixon was constantly being taped and he had a vulgar tongue. Whenever the transcriptions had to take out his vulgar language they would input an [expletive deleted].

In grammar, there is an expletive in sentences many young, new, and beginner writers make. An explextive is a word that fills the syntactic role of another word. Explextives are:

There is – It is

There are – These are

The words there, it, and these fill the role of the noun, which is the grammartical subject of the sentence. If we say, There is a problem, the word there stands in for problem. The sentence could be flipped over and say, A problem is there.

But, explextives can be overused and it commonly is as filler words. By deleteing explextives in sentences where the true noun is present, the sentence becomes cleaner and easier to read for the reader or listener. For example:

There are several factors that the committee must consider.

The above it incorrect. It’s wordy and uses expletives while the true noun is present, committee.

The committee muct consider several factors.

See how easier it is to read, understand, and speak this sentence then the former above. When writing, usually first drafts for writers, every rule is broken. It is by constant revision and editing sentences and language will get cleaned up. This is true for academia work, as well.

Remember: cleaner sentenes are easier to see, read, speak and understand.