When Halloween is separated it gives us why we call this day Halloween. But, how did this term come about? It’s history time.

A long time ago in Scotland, the Old Celtic calendar began on November 1st. This is much like our modern-day January 1st. Therefore, October 31st was the Celtics New Year’s Eve where the witches and hobgoblins rode out one last time before the new year started. When Christianity was introduced, the old New Year’s Day became “All Saints Day” and the evening “All Saints Eve.” The latter was eventually changed to “All Hallows’ E’en” and eventually to Halloween.

The new term dates back to 1783 when John Main had a footnote about Halloween in his poem:

Hallow-E’en, or Holy Eve, is the evening precious to the celebration of All Saints. That is propitious to the rites of divination, is an opinion still common in many parts of Scotland.

Happy Halloween. Stay safe.