A few days ago, my daughter saw a sign on a informational paper I was looking at. She said, “Oh, that means no dabbing,” and pointed to the picture she was referring to. Speechless, I stared at her, questioning to myself, What is dabbing and how does she know something I don’t? (She will be turning six soon.) What is the meaning of dab?

The word dab originated from Middle English (1250-1300) meaning:

symbolic of a light striking movement

Today, dab means to “press lightly” or “apply a small amount.” However, it has evolve into a dance technique many teachers are banning from their classrooms. The dance originated from Atlanta, GA hip-hop scene in the last few years. The dance technique symbolizes “confidence, accomplishment, and pride” according to Urban Dictionary. The movement consisted of placing your head in the crook of your arm as the other arm extended outwards when a person accomplished something they value.

There is the meaning and origin of dab and how dab became to be known a dance movement banned in classrooms.